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​​2 Bits a Dollar Bookkeeping & Tax

Twelve-Month Plan (Yearly)

2 Bits a Dollar Bookkeeping TWELVE-MONTH service plan consists of Year-end bookkeeping, which includes the following:
                                                       Accounting of all business expenses, sales and deposits for entire year.
                                                       Bank reconciliation of business bank accounts for entire year. 
                                                       Year-end financial reports: Income Statement, Balance Sheet,
                                                       Trial Balance, and General Ledger if needed.

The TWELVE-MONTH service plan is designed for small business owners who either need to bring their books up-to-date in mid-year, or need proper accounting for the past year.

                                                                                For Business Owners  
          That have not done any bookkeeping throughout the year, or needs the Twelve-Month Plan for a few months. 
          Prepared your own financial, but still want a professional to review the files.
          Started a new business within the last year. 

                             The process is highly streamlined and involves these steps:
                                                   Just send all your documents (bank statements, check ledger, etc.) via dropbox, in-person, or                                                          schedule pick up.                                           envelope system drop-off,  pick-up, mail, email, or fax.
                                                   We'll process and input all data onto QuickBooks.
                                                   Then provide you with completed financial reports for the year. 

Call if you have any questions concerning your reports or your account I will promptly answer all your questions.