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​​2 Bits a Dollar Bookkeeping & Tax

Tax Preparation



​   Sales Taxes

     2 Bits a Dollar Bookkeeping will prepare your sales/use/excise tax returns on a monthly or quarterly basis, based on the sales and related

     data I book for your business. If you are not a regular (monthly or quarterly) 2 Bits a Dollar Bookkeeping client, I will simply ask you to

     provide me with your sales tax reports (from your point-of-sale system or other source), and I will prepare your sales return.

   Payroll and related Returns

     If you sign up for payroll services, all payroll related filings are included. This includes federal and state income tax withholding returns,

     as well as unemployment reports. If you are not a 2 Bits a Dollar Bookkeeping client, simply provide me with your payroll reports and I will

     file all relevant reports. 


   Personal & Small Business Income Tax Returns

     If you are new to 2 Bits a Dollar Bookkeeping, simply provide me with your last years tax return, all w-2, 1099, or other IRS forms, any new   

     changes. Bring your Drivers License and all Social Security Cards for self and your dependents. Bring copy of EIN, Secretary of State approval letter 

     and any other identification for Small Businesses.