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​​2 Bits a Dollar Bookkeeping & Tax

                                                        What I’m looking for: Yearly Bookkeeping

  • Finally, are you the business owner who just want their Income Taxes filed and have not done any bookkeeping throughout the year.  

  • This is exceptional for business owners who have performed their own                                       bookkeeping and require “assurance” prior to filing taxes.



                                                   What I’m looking for? Quarterly Bookkeeping

  • Or are you the business owner that does not want monthly bookkeeping, but desire to track the business performance at least on a quarterly basis? This plan is perfect.  

  •  Just remember if you have payroll to perform, this service would be our suggested minimum requirement. 


  ​What I’m looking for? Monthly Bookkeeping

  • Are you the business owners who want to track their business performance on a month-to-month basis? This is the ideal plan for you.

  • Good for businesses that are required to provide regular financial reports to Third parties (i.e. franchisors, banks)


                                                      Most popular of our services.


Bookkeeping Services 


 Is it Monthly bookkeeping to track your business, Annual bookkeeping for tax purposes, or Quarterly bookkeeping to keep an eye on performance? 

      We have the right package for you. Review the service packages listed below to determine which fits your needs.