Run of the Mill Package:


​                     $35.00 an hour          Comparably Plan / Third-Month Plan / Twelve-Month Plan

                                 Bookkeeping                                                                                             Accounting

                You get all the Bookkeeping tasks that's                         Payroll - 10 or less employees & one-time start-up fee $65.00

                in the Essential Package plus:                                           Accounting System Design 

                Bill Paying                                                                         Verbal or over the Phone Support/Consultation 


      Bookkeeping Price List

​​2 Bits a Dollar Bookkeeping & Tax

Essential Package:

                 $35.00 an hour               Comparably Plan / Third-Month Plan / Twelve-Month Plan
                                               Enter Accounts Payable & Receivables transaction into QuickBooks Monthly                     
                                               Balance your books to your bank’s monthly statement
                                               Provide you with company financial reports

​                         Any accounting, analysis, reconciliations, taxes and tax or government authorities and consultation is extra

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Cream of the Crop Package:


                   $35.00 an hour            Comparably Plan / Third-Month Plan / Twelve-Month Plan


                                 Bookkeeping                                                                                               Accounting
                 You get all the Basic Bookkeeping tasks that's              Payroll - 35 or less & the one-time start-up fee $65.00
                 in the Essential Package plus the Run of the                 Completed and Mailed Quarterly & Yearly Reports
                 Mill Package and then you get:                                        Process W-2's to give to employee's
                 Customer Invoicing & Statements                                   Accounting System Design
                                                                                                              Verbal or over the Phone Support/Consultation
                                                                                                              Management Reports
                        Taxes Included: Income Taxes, Payroll Taxes, Sales Taxes