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​​2 Bits a Dollar Bookkeeping & Tax

Comparably Plan (Monthly)

                      This bookkeeping service plan consists of month-end bookkeeping: 


                              Accounting of all business expenses, sales and deposits                     

                              Bank reconciliation of business bank accounts 

                              Financial reports: Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Trial Balance, General Ledger if needed  

                     It’s the perfect solution for small business owners for a variety of reasons:

                             Seeing how your business is performing on a month-to-month basis. 

                             Knowing exactly where your money is being spent and how much revenue is coming in. 

                             Keeping overhead low to help focus on the growth your business.  

                             To have on demand financial reports.

                       The process is highly streamlined:


                            You send your monthly documents (bank statements, check ledger, etc.) via mail, drop-off, pick-up, email, or fax.

                            We'll process and input all data using QuickBooks accounting system the same day.


      Call if you have any questions concerning your reports or your account, I will promptly answer all your questions.