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​​2 Bits a Dollar Bookkeeping & Tax

Third-Month Plan (Quarterly)

         2 Bits a Dollar Bookkeeping services consists of quarterly bookkeeping called the Third-Month Plan, which            includes the  following: 

                               Accounting of all business expenses, sales and deposits
                               Bank reconciliation of Monthly bank statements
                               Financial reports: Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Trial Balance, and General Ledger if needed.

    The Third-Month service plan is the perfect solution for small business owners who do not require                   monthly bookkeeping, but desire to keep track of their business on a somewhat regular basis. 

                              Seeing how your business is performing on a regular basis, so you can make crucial business decisions. 

                              Businesses that have payroll – this service is a minimum recommendation, since all businesses, at a minimum,

                              are required to compute and pay quarterly payroll taxes.
                              Many banks and franchise agreements require financial reports on a monthly or quarterly basis especially if you have

                              a bank loan.  

            The process is highly streamlined and involves these steps:

                              You send your month-end documents (bank statements, check ledger, etc.) via drop-off, pick-up, mail, email, or fax.

                              We'll process and input all data using my QuickBooks accounting system by the 3rd business day.


       Call if you have any questions concerning your reports or your account, We'll will promptly answer all your questions.